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PhD-Jobs.NET Published: August 12, 2017
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The employer is a hospital in Brandenburg, Berlin region.


- Nurse;

- long term education/training with degree/diploma;

- excellent health (both physically and emotionally);

- mandatory German language knowledge A2 / B1/ B2;

- professional recognition in Germany is not mandatory, however it is desired to have a complete application file for recognition (documents must be presented with Apostille and translations must fulfill the German requirements regarding shape and form,…… we offer support);

- interview and a one or two week Hospitation (internship) in the hospital are mandatory!


- 1800 euro gross salary without recognition, with a strong B1 German level the nurse will receive a working contract as Krankenpflegehelferin *;

- 2400 euro gross salary with recognition, shifts are lifting the salary up to 2800 euro gross!**

Benefits free of charge:

- German language classes for those who are starting from A2/B1 level;

- full accommodations during the training period with meals included (no daily allowance!)***;

- 150 euro monthly pocket money;

* without recognition means that the nurse education wasn’t recognized by the German authorities yet, and the procedure for professional recognitions is in work.

** with recognition means that the nurse received a certificate (Urkunde) what certifies that education was recognized as an equal with the German education in the same field.

*** the training period must be understood as the period starting the German classes from A2 level (if it is the case) till B2, followed simultaneously with an internship in the hospital.


- with B2 German language level there is no deadline;

- with A2 / B1 language level a.s.a.p. because the first German language course will start on 04.09.2017.

Please send your CV mentioning reference R1 at [email protected]

Contact person: Vitaly Pryadka Tel.: +44 20 8144 2822


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